The Ordering Process

You can own a Lisa Welch "Fruits Of Love" Custom Handcrafted Carpet or shaped area rug to enhance the beauty of your home or business completely hassle free!

Step 1. Tell me your need! Give me a phone call, or send an e-mail. If you possibly can, include measurements, photographs (jpegs), and your "minds eye vision" in your e-mail. Send photos of your furniture, pics of draperie fabrics or any other information you'd like to give me so that I can understand what you want. The more information the better! If you only have measurements but no idea of a design. No Problem. I love to get a design going from scratch.

Step 2. You will get an email quote back from me within 24-72 hours. I will first talk to you about the price. If you pick up the phone and call during normal business hours, there is a good chance I can give you a quote in minutes over the phone!

Step 3. Upon agreement of the price or price range for the needed carpet, I will then produce for you a custom colored rendering for the carpet you need and email it to you in JPEG or PDF format usually within 3-5 days to a week, often even less time. 

Step 4. You receive by email (JPEG or PDF), a hand drawn, colored rendering of your rug design, to scale, including a JPEG photo of the actual colored carpet material proposed to be used. For larger projects, carpet samples are often mailed to your home or office directly from the carpet mill. Larger projects may take 7 to 14 business days, depending on our work load at any given time. At this point you can make changes, if required, most at no additional charge.

Step 5. Once a design is agreed upon, a deposit of half of the balance is required to begin the construction process. In anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the project, your custom "Fruits of Love" carpet or shaped area rug, with cushioned backing or pad is ready for shipment. I will send you a complete set of (JPEG) photos of your completed carpet for approval. Then you make your final payment. You can pay by Paypal or just put a check in the mail to us. Your carpet is shipped normally either UPS or USPS. Larger projects are sent via various trucking and shipping companies. All tracking information is provided to you for your "Fruits of Love" carpet's safe journey home.

How I Make Them

First we work with you and any pictures you provide for reference and inspiration to create a color scale drawing of your custom rug.


Then we use the scale drawing to make a pattern of the rug.

Next we cut the pattern apart and cut the pieces out with a knife.

Here the pieces are cut out and we are starting to bond them together.

Pieces are bonded in a 2-part process using fiberglass tape and hot-melt glue.

Here is shown the back of this carpet completely bonded and ready to be backed.

This photo shows the edge of the bonded rug bound with linen thread ready to be turned up and finished.

This shows the cushioned rubber backing the carpet and the tape that we use to professionally finish each carpet.

Here is a shot of the finished back of the carpet ready to flip over and carve.

The entire rug is carved between the seams.

Here a carpet gets carved between all seams with a high-speed pneumatic hand beveller.

The rug is cleaned up, ready to roll, wrap, and ship.