Steps in the ordering process:

1) After receiving your email and statistics, I send you a general quote. (allow 3-4 days)

2)  If the quote is satisfactory, you send me a 10% deposit. I take personal checks, Paypal or credit cards.

3) I create a proposed color rendering (shown on this page), within a week to 10 days, in plan, and send it to your address. Exact carpet samples, invoice, and shipping date is provided with this rendering. You have the option at this point to leave the entire project, only forfeiting your 10%.

4) Here you accept the proposed design, (most often) or make any alterations on the material or design you wish. (Email or phone).

5) After the final design is agreed upon, 50% of the invoice is required to put the carpet into production.

6) The carpet is then shipped within 4 to 6 weeks. On larger commissions, 2 to 6 months production time.

7) Before final shipment to your address, you pay your balance. Shipping costs are included in the invoice.

8) For wall-to-wall commissions, your local carpet store can receive shipment. I prearrange installation and costs with them.